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Children's Health 

Childhood Vaccinations

We offer a free, comprehensive childhood vaccine service from the age of two months. Vaccinations are extremely important for your baby as they can prevent some very serious childhood illnesses. 


Our doctors can talk to you about the vaccinations, explain them in detail and answer any questions or queries you might have. 

Below are some links to the recommended childhood immunisations and other information:

  • Primary Childhood Immunisation Schedule 

  • Before Vaccine Information

  • After Vaccine Information

  • Parent Guide to Immunisation

6-Week Newborn Check

Newborn Baby Foot

All mothers and infants who have signed the mother and child scheme during pregnancy are entitled to a free examination at six week post delivery.

This is a very important examination for the child as they are checked for heart murmurs as well as having their eyes, skull, hips, pulse, weight and feeding examined. other developments such as smiling, eye contact and head holding is also assessed.

General Childhood Illnesses

Doctors are available to deal with all childhood illnesses. Increasingly we are seeing problems with children being overweight. This can be a hard problem for parents to deal with on their own. We encourage parents who are worrying about their children being overweight to contact us. We can go though different options with them and if necessary refer them on to a primary care dietician for management.

Childhood Asthma Services

Childhood Asthma is assessed and examined by one of our doctors to highlight possible symptoms and the effects they might have on sport and lifestyle.


We also conduct reviews on the patient of inhaler suitability and technique of inhaler use.

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